It Probably Took Six Months to Put this Form on the Internet
Mar 15, 2013 Clay Johnson

As i explained yesterday, everyone should hate the Paperwork Reduction Act. But I thought I'd just point out the insanity of this law. Check Be Tobacco Free. On it, you'll see this classic form:

Was This Page Helpful? Yes or No.

See the OMB Control Number junk at the bottom? You may also recognize it from your tax forms or all other government forms. That means that this "information collection" had to go through a minimum of a 45 day public comment period and probably a six month review process to be put on the internet. That's why you should hate the Paperwork Reduction Act.

How can you have a democracy, when asking a binary question like this takes a six month approval process?

Our best comedians could not make this up.

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